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I am Ratna Prasad Ravi. But I am familiar with my nickname Nani. The photograph on the left was taken when I was on my mother's lap. The other one was taken in 1990. Now you can see myself with a bald head.
My Ideology:
Many experts predict India may become a super power in the future. Some said (In 2000) it will become in 2020. We are now dragged into 2012, and I see no ...............Why?
I think to become a super power a country has to be self sustained in so many areas especially in defense. Living standards of its citizens play a major role in calculating it. Economically the country should be sound. Should record a good Industrial growth. Where is India in all those areas?
1) Defense:
Still looking for vendors for arms, ammunition, fighter planes, bomber jets and submarines.
No one knows when it will get Blue-Water naval capability.
2) Public Health:
Worst of all
a) About 15% of worlds Leishmaniasis patients are in Bihar itself.
b) Accounts for 1/5 of world TB patients.
c) India is home to the world's largest number of blind people.
d) It has a single highest share of neonatal deaths in the world.
e) Reported as having highest rate of rabies deaths in the world.
f) Makes up 58% of world population which still practices open defecation.
3) Agriculture:
a) India is the largest producer and consumer of pulses in the world(2011). To meet the demand it is importing 3 million tons(2011) of them. Productivity is 637 kg/ha. Global average is 871 kg/ha. So no self sufficiency.
b) Largest producer and consumer of milk yet neither exports nor imports
c) India had the largest farm area of paddy production. But India is the second largest producer of the essential staple food Rice (China stands first and Indonesia third). Farm paddy productivity in India were about 45% of China's and 60% of Indonesia's. If India could adopt the paddy farming knowledge and technology in use in China and Indonesia, it can produce 75% higher.
4) Electricity:
Load shedding is a very common factor in India. Each and every Indian knows where India is in this sector. No one knows when it will become self sufficient in this area.
5) Social:
Social inequality is another factor which is much more alarming. If politicians continue their rogue politics like this Indian society may not be like this. Social divide will be wider and there will be clashes between people.

Collapse of the USSR was the beginning of the end of world peace:
After World War II The USSR and The USA were emerged as Super Powers. The USSR and its allies  Eastern Bloc and The USA and its Western Allies were always engaged in duel with each other. The USA came up with a mutual defense treaty with its allies called NATO forces. The USSR  came up with a similatreaty with its allies at Warsaw, Poland to form Warsaw Pact Forces. So USA and USSR took the responsibility of their allied country's security and sovereignty. After the collapse of USSR, the Warsaw pact countries felt unsecured and felt they have to secure their position on their own. So, arms race began at this point. Some of the countries even worked for nuclear devises to threaten the US. US now a days is not so peaceful than it was in the days of cold war (1947-1991).
Future of US:
I see no threat to the US position as a strong nation in the near future. People all over the world like to settle in the land of opportunity like ever before.
Future Bombs:
Since from the existence of humans on this Earth, the strongest is the winner, when they were single or after forming a society and colony or in kingdoms or after transforming into the current system of country hood. Who was having more destructive power than others was agreed to be their leader. Most of the Asian and African sects fought Europeans with arrows and swords, while the latter were using guns and cannons. Entire world went into their hands, because of their mass killing power. Now also the thing is same. In the future also it will be the same. The nation which is having more destructive power than others, like nukes in greater range, rules. In the future US may develop Genom Bombs. They can wipe out entire humans of particular race they wish to destroy.

In my life:
Usually every one come across some curious things in their life time. I also.

1) Man set his foot on Moon in 1969.
2) Mobile Phone: Developed in its present form in 1973, this technology, I consider, as revolutionary in the entire history of mankind. No other technology has this distinction. It penetrated into the life of humans like it were the part in their body.
3) Concorde Plane: Considered to be an aviation icon, this supersonic transport plane was a favourite to so many in their life time. Commercially started in 1976, retired in 2003, this marvelous technological giant still has an unsurpassed technology. It retired long ago, still it hasn't had any alternative.   
4) Launch of space Crafts Voyager 1 and 2 in 1977. In 1998 V 1 became the most distant man made object ever sent from Earth. Probably V 1 by 2014, may become the first object that sent from Earth to become an Interstellar Spacecraft.
5) In 1978 first "Test-Tube" baby was born.
6) Space Shuttle Program: Started in 1981 and ended in 2011. Witnessed a paramount technology.
7) Internet. Nowadays people can't think of their livelihood without this. Born in 1983 in its present form it brought magic and it is considerably greatest technology that influenced human life.
8) In early 1986 Halley's comet visited our inner solar system and it will again come here in 2061 
9) In 1997 Comet Hale-Bopp was seen with the naked eye from the Earth. It was calculated that Hale-Bopp came to inner solar system previously was in July, 2215 B.C. It is predicted, it will come back in the year 4385.
10) In 1998 Comet Tempel-Tuttle came and it will re appear in 2031.
11) I saw the beginning of a millennium.
12) The most shocking incident I ever felt was the collapse of Twin Towers.
As usual like all Indians I was a die hard fan of this game until fixing charges surfaced. Now I pay a very little attention towards this game.
These days bowlers are there to give runs. All the cricket controlling bodies over the world are framing rules to 

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