Sunday, September 2, 2012


Sudi or Soodi is a village in Gadag District of Karnataka.
It has three main attractions.Twin Towered Temple (Jodu Kalasa Gudi), Mallikarjuna Temple and Nag Kunda.
In 1100AD Sudi was the capital of  Kalyani Chalukyas.
I came from Gajendragad (12km) to visit this place. Jodu Kalasa Gudi is beside Gajendragad-Ron State Highway, within a school premises, with an instantly attracting look.
A very good looking twin towered Temple has a Shiva Linga under one tower and the other is unknown. In the common platform between the two shrines a very artistically decorated Nandi was placed facing Shiva. Nandi has its own Panapattam, unlike in so many Temples. On both the sides of Nandi there is a seating arrangement with stone benches. Some of the pillars are standing on those benches. Two ancient inscriptions in Halegannada are lying here. Pillars and outer walls are so attractive.
Mallikarjuna Temple is also very attractive. The entrance doorway of Sanctum Sanctorum  is very nice. This Temple was constructed in 1054.In Mukha Mantapa in the left side there is a Vishnu Idol. On the right Shiva,Parvati,Ganesha and Nandi are standing on a single platform, which is unique.
Naga Kunda is a tank with beautifully carved inner walls. The pemises of Nagakunda has many attractions. Two big Lingas are there. One is under the roof and the others roof is missing. Nandi is under a shelter. A stone carved Maha Ganapati is in another structure in a corner. The statue is nearly 8 feet height. Beside this structure a Halegannada inscription was planted on a platform.
Itagi Bhimambika Temple is 4 km from here. I visited that Temple also.


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