Friday, July 27, 2012


Sidlaphadi is a cave, that housed  the prehistoric man. It is near Badami.
I heard about this just before my visit to Badami. So i decided to have a look at this place. First day I saw Badami Caves, Temples and Fort. At cave area there were so many guides. I hired a guide for tomorrow to reach Mahakoota Temple from Badami via Sidlaphadi.
In the morning after breakfast, we moved on Bagalkot road to reach Hotel Badami Court, a little far from the town towards Railway Station. Just after the the Hotel there is a track going up towards the hill. We took that trail and walked toward a Mobile Phone Tower which was seen on a hill. Now a days Karnataka Tourism Corporation people nailed a sign board beside the road showing the way to Sidlaphadi. A power transmission line is going along with the route, up to a Mobile Phone Tower. Road was pebbled and gravel one. Crossed Mobile Phone Tower and walked further to reach Sidlaphadi. On our way there were some curious rock formations looked like igloos.There was a  descend at the end of the road into a U shaped gorge between two hills. Here we saw a unique rock-formation during the descent. It was an hour walk from the main road.
The cave looked like a big arch, placed on two rocks on both sides,with holes on its top. Locals say they were caused by lightning. So it was called Sidla-Phadi. Thorny bushes were present on the ground here and there.This place was the home to the humans Millions of years ago. Spent some time here to inspect the cave. There were some more caves in its vicinity.
Archaeological Survey Of India conducted research here. They found some Neolithic Pottery and microliths. A replica of Sidlaphadi is seen in ASI Badami Museum.
An hour of walk took us to Mahakoota Temple. We reached the Temple by a steep descent from top of the hill.
Mahakooteswara is the principle deity in this Temple, an abode of Lord Shiva. This Temple was built by Chalukya Dynasty in 6th century AD. The main Temple is highly decorated mainly with Shivapurana stories. Here there are two tanks.One is inside the Temple and another one is outside. Both the tanks are fed by perennial streams. Water oozing is not visible in both the tanks. But you can notice water going out of the inside tank into a canal through a surplus weir. Pilgrims usually take bath first in the outside tank and later inside and go to darshan. The Temple has  nicely kept old charm. There are so many sub shrines within the Temple premises. Some Sub Shrines are constructed in Nagara style. They believed to be constructed on later date. Some of the Sculptures are awesome. Ardhnariswara image on one of the Temples beside the inner tank was fabulous. Ficus trees are every where to give good shade. Every one will be in a state of fulfillment by the charm and grace of this Temple.
I recently visited Mahakoota (13-01-2013). A renovation work is going on inside the Temple premises. Authorities removed some sub shrines to reconstruct.

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