Friday, July 27, 2012

Mahadeva Temple, Itagi

Mahadeva Temple, Itagi is in Koppal District of Karnataka.
Ever since I visited this Temple, I assume myself as a lucky guy. Because this Temple was a finest piece of example for an artistic sculpture. It was built by Mahadeva, a commander in the army of Vikramaditya VI, a Western Chalukya King, in 1112 AD.
The first look of this Temple from far of an area gives an impression that you reached a remarkable place. The entrance takes us to eastern most open mantapa with so many artistically decorated pillars. It has a dome at the center. The pillars that are hanging from the dome leaves you speechless. We can see immaculate display of craftsmanship in shaping the Pillars. Never I have seen that type of artistry before. Look up into the dome, you will find a lavish sculpture. Not only in this one, but in every one.Overall there are 4 domes. This East faced Temple comprises 68 carved pillars, columns and decorated walls with doors on North and South. All the doorways are fashioned in surprisingly beautiful style. The magnificence and exquisitely carved decorative details of this Temple are the finest example of  Chalukyan Architecture.
This high towered Temple has a cluster of many Temples in its premises. An inscription in this Temple in medieval Kannada states this Temple as "Emperor Among Temples".


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